Just as Mount Sumeru is the greatest of mountains-this Lotus Sutra is the greatest of the sutras.
“Chapter XXIII The Previous Life of Medicine-King Bodhisattva”
The Lotus Sutra
The Lotus Sutra is a teaching to bring out infinite wisdom that is inherent in human beings. Buddha tried to make humans bring out the exquisite power in life and release from the crises of humanity that comes in the future. Now, the world is on the brink of a crisis by excessive desires of humanity such as environmental destruction, global warming and war. Citizen of the world, gather here.
Let’s learn wisdom of Buddha!
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The Message from The Head Monk

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The Life of Buddha

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樹陰一話/ Jyuinichiwa

Introduction to Buddhism

Create the right way of thinking about things

Buddhism is a teaching that liberates us from small self- awareness. It makes correct the patterns of habituated perception, thought, and emotion.


Produce the wisdom of right correspondence

If you are released from self-awareness, you will enter the flow of the law of universe. It calms your mind, you understand what you should do and others’ feelings and the wisdom of right correspondence is produced.

Give people ease and joy

If you are released from self-awareness, the mind that you try to decrease suffering of self and others will be produced. Broadly speaking, it brings one’s heart desire to release from folly and evil.