Hokke Zen

General Zen does not place the object and it recommends simply becoming nothingness or emptiness. However, Hokke Zen is done while praying to Taho Butto as the object. There is mysterious benefit in Taho Butto and it is transcendental method to acquire the wisdom of Buddha by telepathy. This Hokke Zen is required monks/nuns instruction.


There is no religion in the world without praying. However, there are few religions teach the way of pray that communicates to Gods and Buddhas. To pray is pulse. Our school teaches this sense of receiving the pulse. The object for pray is Taho Butto. Taho Butto is the eternal home of Buddha and the origin of Life in the Universe. Pray with one’s heart toward this.

Copying of Sutra

The secret of Shakyo (copying of sutra) is to remove a feeling that you try to write letters. You should get your mind on letters and write your mind by letters. Good or bad handwriting is completely irrelevant. One letter, one letter is viewed as Buddha and you keep writing letters with a feeling that you receive in your heart.

Chanting Sutras

Sutras have a mysterious power called “Kyoriki”. This Sutras are Buddha‘s truth words. Hearing the sound of chanting Sutras, it is important that the sense we drop them from the ear to the mind when the sound comes into the ear. It is not to chant Sutras to Buddhas, it is important to have image to purify our mind when we chant into the mind of ourselves. When chanting with others, we try to fit to other people’s sounds, as if we make the circulate air such as a circle. We let Sutras like a smooth stream of water flow our mind.

Listening Method

Listening Method is to listen attentively the method from a monk who realize the law of universe and the law of mind. By listening method of the Buddha, the disciples of Buddha attained into a state which is called Nirvana. This state is to have control a desire and to make to enhance purifying and an immovable mind.

Takigyo ( Practice in Waterfall)

Takigyo is done in order to purify mind. You do it with a feeling that you wash off sin of a body, sin of a mouth and sin of a mind.