• Muhengyosai

    Once a month, Muhengyosai is held in the head temple and branch temples. Believers devote their prayers of gratitude and make a fresh vow of practice in order to prepare one’s mind based on the teachings of Buddha.

  • The day of Kissho Benzaiten Ryuo

    Kissho Benzaiten Ryuo is the incarnation of Gadgadasvara (Wonderful Voice) Bodhisattva in the Lotus Sutra and also it is the goddess of disease, wisdom and wealth. The 17th of every month is a day of Kissho Benzaiten Ryuo and we devote gratitude.

  • The day of Hachidai Ryuo

    Hachidai Ryuo is the dragon god that descended to spread the Lotus Sutra and also it is the god of willpower and conviction. The 18th of every month is a day of Hachidai Ryuo and we devote gratitude.




  • Prayer meeting of New Year

    Every year on January 3rd, at Shishiozan Myohoji temple, all member of our school come together, it is held the prayer meeting to Buddha, Bodhisattvas and gods for safety of the year and good connection.

  • Memorial service of the originator

    On January 8, a memorial day of Ven. Nichiyu Ushio‘s death who established our school.  We reminisce the virtue of the originator who established the school from the Buddha‘s revelations, made the doctrine and achieved the foundation stone of the methodology of Mahayana Buddhism.



  • Anniversary Gala

    Every year on April 3rd, to commemorate the originator established our school, all of us offer prayer for gratitude and rectification. This day is the biggest sacred day of our school.

  • Flower Festival(the Anniversary of the Birth of Buddha)

    On April 8, it is held the flower festival as a sacred day the Buddha descended.



  • Prayer meeting of the year-end

    At the head temple, branch temples, in the year-end of December, it is held the prayer meeting we pray for gratitude of the protection and benevolence for this year.