Nice to meet you, everyone. I am a Japanese Buddhist monk. I became a monk at age of eleven and I will be 71 years old this year. Looking back over the past 60 years, the first half of my life had been plagued by various struggles, including human relationships. However, for some reason I was able to conquer them in the latter half of my life. In conclusion, it means that Buddhism brought me the power to live.

The turning point was in extremely natural thoughts and feelings. This is because a feeling that I cannot forgive others has changed into a feeling to forgive, and the thought to accept various contradictions in society has also worked. It may be more right to say that it is not the result by knowledge, but the natural function of the mind.

This universe is formed by the principle law of destruction and creation. Then, the law also runs through our bodies and inner spirits. Both blood and organs maintain health by destroying cells and the mind also resides in the power to change habitually formed negative thoughts and feelings.

For example, perception that enters through human eyes, ears and so on may produce the feelings of anger, jealousy and disappointment. If we cannot control the flow, we may become captives of self-destructive devils. However, the law to become happiness both material and moral is already prepared in the universe of our mind.

I believe that most people in Western countries believe in faiths except Buddhism. There may not be such many people who have an interest in Buddhism. However, either they believe in God or not, what we have to break our lives by our own power is the fact common to all countries. I do not know that we should call it “Power” or not, but Buddha was suggested from God to preach the wonder law that the mind has and he must have founded Buddhism.

The reason why I set up this website is that I want to send your stress new wind. I do not know how far words and letters touch your heart. But there is no doubt that life is determined by the heart, and that the key to our destiny lies in our thoughts and feelings I hope that you will be released from negative thoughts and feelings by an extremely natural power. Thereupon, I will send you about the law of happiness that Buddhism has through this website regularly from now.

October 17, 2022