Siddhartha crossed the Nairanjana and he spread grass under a Bodhi tree in the place called Gaya; he quietly went into meditation. This time, he ate breakfast and supper, slept at night, and resumed his practice after balancing his mind and body. “I won’t leave this seat until I attain enlightenment.” He made a firm determination and went into meditative practice by sitting in the lotus position. Then, the devil, Namuci dispatched three peerless beauties from the heavens to the earth. Actually, this devil, Namuci had been interrupting him ever since he left the royal palace. Because Namuci would lose his whereabouts if Siddhartha attained enlightenment. He tried to make Siddhartha abandon the practice by stimulating his sexual desire and forcing him to return to the royal palace. However, Siddhartha said to him coolly and decidedly.

“I will not play into your dirty and unsightly hand.”

When three beautiful women were repelled at one blow by Siddhartha, next the devil rained rocks, swords, and fire with his whole army; a hideous monster launched a major attack as if it covered the soul with a bewildering darkness. It was a fierce battle like shaking the earth, but the match was won easily. The troops were annihilated and the devil also disappeared.

     When the sun went down, a fresh breeze brushed Siddhartha’s cheeks. However, he was not lost in such sentiment and he continued sharpening his mind like a mirror through deeper meditation. When his mind attained a completely pure and immovable state, he felt like being pulled up to the air and obtained that he emancipated. At that time, the life of every living thing in the entire universe was reflected in the visual space of his heart. The image of human beings being born and dying, dying and being born, reincarnating like a wheel. It was a scene that repeated regeneration from sentiment beings of this world to the world of pain.

     What’s the matter with this? Who on earth created these lives?”

When Siddhartha was in the royal palace, he heard a rumor of Brahmin saints who had attained enlightenment in the past. They considered time to be a circle and they expressed their opinion that the things which happened in the past could happen either in the present or the future by karma. In the time that has been passing from the past to the present and the future linearly, they say that human beings change by karma. Siddhartha felt the experience of the thing. However, this was not the thing to say enlightenment yet. Then, Siddhartha went into deep meditation about life under the Bodhi tree again.

-The End-