Buddhism was one of the great spiritual revolutions in cultural history of human.

Part I: Ten Realms

From now this on, I am going to start to tell you basic stories about introduction to Buddhism.

Part II: Abandon Obsession

There is a difference of opinion between Hinayana Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism in how to grasp about mind.

Part III: The Mechanism of Mind

Before, I expounded that human mind is bound by the state of six mind which is from the world of hell to the world of heaven.

Part IV: Dharma (Law) that Disciples sought for

It is said that Buddha had about 1200 disciples. The thing that they sought for was getting “Eternal Life” by hearing the teachings of Buddha.

Part V: Properties of Conveyed Sutra

Up to now, we do not that the exact date of Buddha’s existence.

Part VI: A Wonder of Prayer

In the Lotus Sutra, Buddha’s outlook on the universe and view of life spread out.