The Name of the School (Shumei)

Our school is Shohojimonhokke Shu, a common name is Muhengyoryu.

The Origin

On April 3, 1960, our school was originated in that The Venerable Nichiyu Ushio, the originator of our religious received revelation by the Buddha to disseminate Buddha’s original teaching at Shichiho Myoto in Koku.

The Head Temple (Sohonzan)

The head temple of our school is Shishiozan Myohoji temple.

“Shishiozan” means Bodhisattva Manjusri that is to say, a sacred place where monks get together as Shishi.

“Myohoji” is meaning a temple of the salvation of sentient beings by the virtue of the Lotus Sutra. At first, it was a tiny temple but with the increase of members, the construction of a new main hall started in 1980 and took nine years completed splendidly. Today, there are various facilities on 25 acres of land, we have a Shukubo (temple lodging), temple’s café, and the places for Hokke Zen and copying of Sutra open to the public.