In the Lotus Sutra, Buddha’s outlook on the universe and view of life spread out. Since there are many other sutras that can be helpful as well. I do not say this is only correct, but I will explain about this with my own experiences from now on. Before that, I will talk a little about a wonder of prayer.

In India, Buddhists of various countries put their foreheads on the floor in front of the statue of Buddha and say a prayer while chanting sutras. There is no such thing as prayer that requires a formal object. There are some religions that hate idolatry in the world, however, it can be said that it is more effective to have an object than no object. Because we can concentrate on our minds. I do not pray to the sutra of Buddha, But Taho Butto. Because the Lotus Sutra proposes that we should worship this Taho Butto and hold a memorial service as the principal image of true Dharma. This Taho Butto is just a form, however, we connect to Taho Butto of the air by praying to this. The founder of the temple who established my religious school (hereafter as the school) received Bucchoku, a divine revelation in Taho Butto of the air. I will explain about this in detail later; if I explain as focusing on the wonder of prayer, you can feel Buddha and inscrutable wisdom and compassion by purifying your feeling.

For example, while I was struggling with my career path, I had had a wondrous experience when I prayed wholeheartedly and lied down. It was September, 1973. I did not particularly fall asleep, but I felt that my body was pulled up into the air and reached a height where I could see the earth as a sphere. When I was looking at the earth from the dark space of the universe, intense golden light shone in from behind suddenly. When I looked back, the scroll of immense Lotus Sutra appeared from dazzling light in the air. At that time, I heard voice of Daibutsu(“Birushana). “You think you have grown up by yourself until now, but there is nothing that you do not owe to your parents from a single hair to a single toenail. Return your life.” When I saw it, the scroll changed to Great Buddha. I realized that this was a buddha called “Birushana” (Vairocana) later; Birushana is translation of “Vairocana” in Sanskrit and it means “Komyo Henjo” .*1

It is universal Dharmakaya*2 of Buddha and It is considered the founder of the world called Kegon ; certainly It was in the light there. It was outer space where I went up. Thinking back now, I consider that it may be “The Air”. The Air is generally the hollow space between heaven and earth, however, I think it may mean higher awareness which is beyond such a form. Of course, at that time, I had no way of knowing if it was a revelation or not. I did not know the relation to Taho Butto, but I thought that there was something great, followed the words, “Return your life”, then I made a firm decision to lead a life of training. Since the final goal of training is to complete mind, I do not think that the aim of training is to see Buddha and learn the teachings, but I was made to experience the wonder of prayer after that.

*1 Komyo Henjo : Gwangmyeong Hensho

*2 Dharmakaya : Buddhism’s highest form of existence