Before, I expounded that human mind is bound by the state of six mind which is from the world of hell to the world of heaven. As being angry, glad, sad and getting back to calm, the mind repeats up-and-down movement. This is just similar to an elevator. Naturally, we know that this mind is caused by the reactions of our own awareness. Then, anyone hopes that they want to live brightly and peacefully.

However, even though we hope that we want to live with positive feeling, we also know thoroughly that things do not go on as we expect. Our mind has a mechanism that is common to all of us, which is to react to external information and arise emotions through thoughts. The quality and movement of reactions, thoughts and emotions is different for each person, but everything works based on human habitual personality. For that reason, one’s fate may change into the bad direction. For example, there was a mother who committed a double suicide as holding her three children in a car due to her husband’s violence and financial problems. As tracing the cause, it was in her upbringing. Because she grew up being abused by her father, she became delinquent about junior high school. At that time, a man who she met was her current husband. She lived with him, who behaved kindly, but the feeling to hope that she always wanted to be loved tied him. This is the proof that her upbringing of infancy influenced her thoughts and feelings. If she had grown up in the environment that she was filled with love, her fate should not have become a sad end like this.
Of course, no matter how people spent a sad upbringing, there are many people who live strongly. There are many people who spend now happily. However, pattern of human relationships is generally like a picture scroll which was spun by each image scenery. Mind reacts by thoughts and feelings which were accumulated and it is a mechanism to be repeated the things that reacted. Mind is intangible. Because it is no color and no smell, this is named “Emptiness” in Mahayana Buddhism. However, even though it is called emptiness, it is a world which was spun by karma called awareness. Thereupon as “Shoho” (all existing things) that is the thing in the depths of form called “Jisso” 1 in Buddhism, Buddhism teaches the way of correcting this awareness to the right direction. In other words, Buddhism is trying to let us control perception, thoughts and feelings correctly by teaching the right way of looking at the things and thinking. We can improve our fate with imperturbable mind and by making the right decision as much as we can.

As a matter of fact, there is such wisdom in the depths of human mind. We call this Buddha-nature or Nyoraizo2 and we work on this. Past disciples of Buddha sought for developing their buds of Buddha-nature through listening to the teachings of Buddha and Zen meditation and attaining “The spiritual realm of Buddhahood”. If we attain the spiritual realm of Buddhahood, we will be Buddha. If we become Buddha, we can look at the things correctly. We will also be able to understand pain and sorrow of others.

Learning the mechanism of one’s mind objectively.

Training it in daily life.

Buddhism calls them “Buddhist training”.


*1 Jisso: This is to see the true nature and essential aspect of all things through Bucchiken, Buddha’s perception of transcending time and space.

*2 Nyoraizo: The pure and innocent soul that is inherent in all people’s hearts.