Even though I say such this thing, temples may not come to mind for you, readers. However, since there are more temples than convenience stores, places and opportunities to heal the heart become familiar for people, the troubles and sufferings of modern people will also be a little lighter if nearby temples are readily available, people can talk intimately with a monk, temples open their places in areas. I think that outdated customs must be reformed because temples become a place to which one can turn one’s heart. For that reason, I consider that now is the time to be necessary to seek for the origin of Sakyamuni Buddhism. Thereupon, for a while from now, after introducing the original Buddhist landscape, I would like to unfold Buddhism thought about life and society. This quarterly booklet, “Mado” (window) is based on the principle of incorporating the new wind. Because I think that I want a new wind to blow both temples and everyone.

-The End-